House of “Nuts” & Bolts

I’ve been capturing some interesting moments on camera lately. You would be surprised at what one might find at any given moment in my house. Let me explain…

We are a family of DIY’ers. I didn’t necessarily grow up that way, although I have always had a bit of a creative bent. Rimmel definitely grew up that way. Around the time he was 13 years old, my father-in-law told him he wanted to start flipping cars for profit. They were already doing mechanic work so they just needed to learn how to do body work and paint. Easy. So, like any normal 13 year old, Rimmel constructed a paint booth in his parents backyard and just sort of “figured out” how to paint automobiles. 20-something years later and he is still painting cars.

The rest of us small-minded and otherwise unimaginative people would never have attempted such a great feet. But not my man! He tries and succeeds at pretty much everything he does. Working with his hands just comes naturally to him. Add to that his education in electronics, two bachelor’s degrees (business and marketing) and he is pretty much Tony Stark. Only better looking.

And a darker tan.

Needless to say, my children were born with their dad’s superpowers. Madison had a screwdriver in her hand at 3 years old and by 6 she was using a soldering iron. Rimmel let her use it when I wasn’t home to stop them. And she burnt herself. But he said “Hey, that’s how they learn.”

Hallie, on the other hand, has a little more of me in her. ¬†She is crafty and decided at a young age to learn how to sew. Rimmel bought her a sewing machine and taught her how to use it. The machine intimidates the heck out of me but according to Rimmel it’s nothing more than a power tool.

Hallie is crazy talented but is constantly looking for a new challenge. She gets bored easily and can’t do the same thing twice. She is a mini-me. I apologize to her constantly. If only she had inherited my better traits like my mad driving skills (Once when I was 17 I raced a bunch of guys and totally schooled them. You should have seen their faces when I got out of the car and they realized I was a girl. Incidentally, getting out of my car wasn’t one of my brightest moments…they were going to beat me up. Praise God they didn’t want to hit a girl or I wouldn’t have lived to tell about it.) or my crazy fast 10 key skills! My first job was at a bank when I was 16. I can 10 key 250 numbers per minute. Now that skill will get you somewhere.

I digress.

Where one might find clean dishes drying in a rack, in my house you will find an airbrush kit for Madison’s XBOX controllers. She mods them out and sells them on Ebay.


While one might have place mats and a fabulous tablecloth from World Market, I have a soldering iron, heating up nicely on my cutting board which was formerly used for poultry.


What was once an organization system in my pantry is now a drying rack for XBOX parts.


I recently refinished my dining room chairs (coming soon…a post on my kitchen nook makeover!) and soon after it became a resting place for an XBOX…the actual gaming console itself, which is currently undergoing a retrofit with LED lights in cool colors and the addition of a cooling fan because “the derps at Microsoft didn’t know how to cool the XBOX off when it overheats”. (derp, pronounced d-erp, is teen language meaning one who lacks intelligence, an underachiever, a moron.)


On the other end of my kitchen table is a Rainbow Loom. Rainbow Looms create these awesome bracelets out of rubberbands. It’s all the craze. Remember friendship bracelets? Hallie has friends but she charges them. So far she has grossed $9.00.


Oh, the rubberbands are on my couch too. Nevermind the front living and dining room we converted to a sewing/craft room. I like to think the reason the Rainbow Loom makes its way to the kitchen and family room cuz Hallie likes to hang with me. It’s definitely not because of the big screen TV.


Another project currently unfolding in the kitchen, garage, sewing room, and back porch is Madison’s Halloween costume. Rather than buy the one she wants for $91.00 she is making her own. She is going to be one of the good guys in her favorite video game. He has a blade that he hides in his sleeve so, obviously, the perfect way to unleash a hidden blade is via a drawer-slider-mechanism-thingy. Genius. Yes, my kid is going to be a guy with a blade in his sleeve. Don’t judge me.

And if you’re kids are coming to my house for Halloween, don’t worry, it’s a fake blade.


My personal office, which Hallie was lovingly relocated out of because her sewing projects were spilling out of the door, has a giant butterfly for science homework. Since we don’t have a printer that prints giants posters, this one was printed on several pages and then taped together. Very resourceful.


While it’s a little crazy, a lot of chaos, and a ridiculous amount of clean up, I love my life. I love that my house is full of inventors, innovators, thinkers, DIY’ers, and 3 amazing people who are WAY smarter than me. Thank you God, for this house of nutty nuttingtons…the place we call home.

BTW, what do you get when you take my favorite black matches-everything chenille glove, and a free flashlight from the hardware store? An Iron Man Repulsor Light Glove of course!





  1. When I saw your email address on MY blog, I just new YOUR blog would be entertaining! GREAT name! I’m glad you dropped by from Apartment Therapy and led me over here. I love that your house is full of inventors and projects. DIY isn’t just a weekend project. It’s a state of mind!

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