Madison’s Mad Skills

I’ve mentioned my Madison before. She is my beautiful 13 year old daughter, my first born but still my baby. We received some really AWESOME news this week for Madison. I will get to that in a minute, but first, let me tell you a little about my baby girl.

Madison has been playing baseball (yes, baseball, not softball) since she was 5 years old. She is my little athlete. Some might say Tomboy but I really don’t even know what that means. We call her our Sports Girl. She is smarter than the rest of us girls because she wears her athletic shorts everywhere. #comfy #elasticwaste #nomuffintop

Here are some of my favorite pics from when her Red Sox team won the championship about 4 years ago. They got to play at the Surprise Stadium, home of the Royals and Rangers Spring Training.




These are from last Saturday. Madison has been playing ball in our friends’ league, Cactus AZBL. Billy and Taleen Horton are the owners of this amazing league. All of the coaches are current or former professional players. Madison’s skills have increased exponentially under their leadership. The coaches are positive, supportive, and incredibly affordable. (#shameless promotion) I’m so grateful for them allowing Madison to challenge herself. Her life goal? To be the first woman in the MLB.

Like a boss…


Madison plays catcher and 2nd base…



Madison has her dads brain and her moms…?…blue eyes. She has this amazing mechanical and technical bent that enables her to see inside anything, take it apart, fix it or create something else with it. Case in point, she once took apart an old VHS tape and somehow built a flashlight. Easy for her, crazy rocket science stuff to the rest of us.

After her fascination with the inner workings of her XBOX controllers began, she started taking them apart and rebuilding them, adding LED lights and other flashy things. My hubby Rimmel, who can paint anything (check out his website at bought her an airbrush kit and she started adding custom paint. Check it out…

She created this one for a friend whose gamer clan is called PGL…


This one is my fave. Go Seahawks!


So now for the BIG news. Madison applied to a specialty charter high school called CREST, which stands for Center for Research in Engineering, Science, and Technology. This amazing school allows students to study one of three specialized disciplines: biotechnology, environmental sustainability, or engineering. Madison applied for engineering. There is only space for 100 kids in the program which spans 9th through 12th grades…and you guessed it…she was accepted!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited! Madison is sooooo excited!

This school is on the campus of a public high school. Madison will be able to play sports and do all the other things a regular high school students gets to do but her education will be focused on engineering. CREST has a state-of-the-art lab where the students get to build robots, design with AutoCAD Inventor software, and use 3D printers. The entire facility is like walking through Madison’s head. AND…it’s only 5 minutes from our house. Pretty cool how God hooked that one up!

So congrats to my highly intelligent, athletic, compassionate, and beautiful daughter Madison. Daddy and I are so proud of you!!



  1. Aunt Debbie says

    Really math? what’s up with the math quiz box? Anyways… this is amazing news. I am bursting with pride. I know that she got this from her dad. Sorry Chris. We Bazzel gals were built for comfort not speed. ha ha. Tell Madison how very proud we are. Even Sean was impressed. Well, as impressed as Sean can get. She will remember. Also, remind her Uncle Jim works for the USACE Waterways Experiment Station. EVERYTHING she is studying he does research on, has done research on, most have already been published. Some of the people she will learn about and use their theories Jim works with right here in little ol Vicksburg MS. Yep, where the rednecks be. Love ya’ll bunches!!!! Graduation is MAY 2014!!!!!!!!!!

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