Mississippi Journal: Oak Ridge Road


I spent last week in Mississippi. It was a last minute deal. I drove across New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana with my parents. We were there to help my grandmother transition into a nursing home where she will go, not to die, but to finish living. I can likely count on one hand the number of times I Continue Reading

After Christmas Luau


Friday night was so fun, so amazing, so awesome…I almost don’t have words. Almost. My Hallie and her friends attend a K-8th grade charter school. She and her friends decided they wanted to put on a school dance for just the 8th grade. They met with the school principle who is such a wonderful woman Continue Reading

Top 10 Garage Sale Do’s & Don’t


The last four days have been a whirlwind with back-to-back events and a last minute road trip. I will elaborate more on that in a later post but today I am taking you through our garage sale adventure. Here in Arizona it is garage sale season. I hate doing garage sales. Everyone has their own garage Continue Reading