House Tour – Picture Perfect in Phoenix


You just never know where friendship might take you. I have the wonderful opportunity to assist some dear friends of ours with the sale of their picture perfect Phoenix home. This family has meant so much to me over the last three years that I have known them. They are most deserving of this great new adventure in their lives and I am humbled to play a small ...continue reading

New Business = New Home Office!


"Loving a home for a long time doesn't actually mean getting it to a certain look and then never changing it. Crafting a home you love is more about embracing the idea that one's tastes evolve over time." Apartment Therapy It wasn't long ago that we revamped our home office. At the time our office resided in a 4th bedroom. We have since turned that room ...continue reading

Home Depot Lighting

So I was in Home Depot gathering hardware for a chandelier we are making over (pics coming soon) when something caught my eye. Actually, a lot of something's caught my eye! It is rare that I find a strong selection of lighting in a hardware store that excites me but Home Depot is killing it right now! Check out these pins. For affordable lighting options ...continue reading

It’s official…I am a licensed REALTOR®!!


I've been off the radar for awhile. Intentionally. I started pursuing my real estate license over one year ago. It was time to get serious. I had 2 months to complete 9 classes, pass the school exam and pass the state licensing exam or I would have to enroll and pay all over again. So for January and February I buried my head in the books to make it ...continue reading

House Tour – A Cool, Calm, & Collected Pad

Michelle Buttenob

My friend Michelle is a top contender for one of my favorite people in the world. Pretty, fun, life of the party, yoga addict, you love her already?! Michelle also has grit and depth, and a compassion that comes from meeting life's challenges head on. That's my friend Michelle. And I think her house is just as awesome as she is! In the ...continue reading

So Fab…Scarves by Hallie


This post is way past due. I have been pushing everything aside for the last month in order to finish up my real estate license. Obviously I am obsessed with houses. Living spaces take up the biggest majority of my creative dreams. And speaking of creative dreams, my daughter Hallie has been busy working her sewing business with these ...continue reading

Common White Girl


We recently spent the evening trying to arrange a meet-up with Rimmel's parents. Between dinner, Rimmel getting off of work late, Madison's baseball practice and trying to make sure Hallie wasn't bored, we were frantic, unorganized, and had a complete meltdown in communication. At the end of the evening, as the four of us were snuggled in the car driving ...continue reading

Madison’s Mad Skills


I've mentioned my Madison before. She is my beautiful 13 year old daughter, my first born but still my baby. We received some really AWESOME news this week for Madison. I will get to that in a minute, but first, let me tell you a little about my baby girl. Madison has been playing baseball (yes, baseball, not softball) since she was 5 years old. She is my ...continue reading

A Prayer for Influence

During the process of seeking God's will over our business ventures we came across a passage of scripture that literally set our hearts on fire. I have read through this Psalm before, but this was one of those moments when every verse was so rich and poetic it nearly lifted my heart right out of my chest. It was quite literally a heart song that somehow, ...continue reading



Day 3 working from home. It began with a feeling of excitement. "What will I accomplish today?!" I wondered. In an effort to reduce the amount of stimulants in my body and save money (#newyearsresolution), I put my decaf coffee grounds into the Keurig instead of my usual bold K-Cups. I take my coffee bold and straight, no sweetener, no creamer. Today's coffee ...continue reading