Branding & Crystal Chandeliers


I've been thinking a lot about my brand lately. I've been wanting to completely overhaul this site for months, create a new logo and make it really reflect my design point-of-view. I am even more inspired to turn this blog into much more than a hobby because I could literally do this all day every Continue Reading

Allergen-Free Diet Journal – Day 8

So things are going really well. Better than really well actually. Daylight is beginning to glimmer. I scared myself when I looked in the mirror this morning. My first thought was “Where did my face go?!” Actually, it was “Where the crap did my face go?!”  My cheeks are shockingly…flat. I guess Continue Reading

Carefully Curated


I have been attempting to replace some long-time kitchen utensils and gadgets that have been getting on my nerves. If you're like me, then you have a million plastic measuring cups and spoons in which the measurements have worn off or they have broken. I am weary of just buying kitchen supplies just Continue Reading