DFTBA – Don’t Forget To Be Awesome


Because I have two teenage daughters I have the privilege of staying up to date on the latest do's and don'ts. Recently, a quote has emerged throughout social media, on t-shirts and hoodies. It's all the rage. Actually, it was all the rage a few weeks ago. Remember how fads used to last for a really Continue Reading

New Year…Time For The Purge


I would say I started my new year with a bang. Today was spent purging old files, alphabetizing the current ones (what a delightfully grand concept!) and discarding those that were no longer needed. I haven't done an official file purge since 2005. Yikes. Our filing system stays current during only Continue Reading

Handmade Stockings


I might be a bit creative but I am no sewer. Hallie threads the sewing machine for me because I am always breaking needles and jamming the machine. We have had the same set of stockings for about 11 years now but I wanted to create something that matched my home decor and had a more rustic, homemade Continue Reading

Sugar Cookie Chain


Growing up we had a huge Cookie Baking Day every year. My mom has mastered the entire process from start to finish. My two favorites are her Chocolate Crinkles and Sugar Cookies. The funny thing about her sugar cookies is that Rimmel and I only like the dough. For some reason we aren't fans of the Continue Reading