We Are The Dream


I've spent a lot of time thinking lately. A lot. That's what you get to do when God moves you into a time of rest and training. It takes me a little while to get some things through my head, especially when it comes to my path in life. God placed a specific dream and passion in my heart when I was Continue Reading

Christmas Holiday Boutique


So this is a way fun announcement!! My girlfriend Christina Nelson is one of my favorite people. We met through our kids and instantly connected. We have a lot in common...our names first of all. My full name is Christina...spelled the same way. We are both short, a little fiery when we need to be Continue Reading

Dignity & Pain Meds


Nothing can make me lose my dignity faster than prescription narcotics. No, I don't take them on a regular basis...don't freak out. But I have been prescribed and/or administered some pretty strong stuff for surgeries throughout the years and for whatever reason I do or say the most humiliating Continue Reading

DIY: Workday Successes


Something about my home office has been driving me nuts. Sometimes I let things like this go until I am at a breaking point. That breaking point was this weekend. The essence of interior design is not what one might typically think. Most people think that interior design is about curtains, hanging Continue Reading