Easy Gift for Holiday Guests


This is the first year in a long time I have really savored every moment of the holidays. Working in special events means the holidays are crazy busy (and I love it!!) but this year things have slowed down a bit and I am allowing myself to enjoy it thoroughly. With Christmas music and fuzzy Continue Reading

Natural, Rustic Thanksgiving Tablescape


I love hosting Thanksgiving. Every year we have a blend of family and friends for the biggest meal of the year. Rimmel and I start our planning during the first week of November. We get the pantry cleaned out and make a trip to Winco for any canned goods, non-perishables or anything that can be Continue Reading

We Are The Dream


I've spent a lot of time thinking lately. A lot. That's what you get to do when God moves you into a time of rest and training. It takes me a little while to get some things through my head, especially when it comes to my path in life. God placed a specific dream and passion in my heart when I was Continue Reading

Christmas Holiday Boutique


So this is a way fun announcement!! My girlfriend Christina Nelson is one of my favorite people. We met through our kids and instantly connected. We have a lot in common...our names first of all. My full name is Christina...spelled the same way. We are both short, a little fiery when we need to be Continue Reading