Seasonal Insecurity


"Has insecurity ever made a fool of you?" Beth Moore, "So Long Insecurity...You've Been a Bad Friend To Us" The answer to that question for me is a resounding YES. And then some. Insecurity is, for some of us, a disease that runs rampant throughout the threads of our lives. I am learning that after Continue Reading

Homemade Hot Buttered Rum Applesauce


What was that? Oh yes, I said buttered rum applesauce. This morning started out NOT ideal. We received a recall notice for the ignition on our Jeep about two weeks ago. We had planned to take in tomorrow and wouldn't you know wouldn't start this morning. (Be sure to read to the Continue Reading

Old Love


I love Old Love. New Love is bliss, a whirlwind, exciting and fun...but Old Love. Old Love is timeless, secure, easy and way more fun than New Love could ever be. Two weeks ago I celebrated my 17th wedding anniversary with the light of my life and best friend. As I sat on the balcony of the Pointe Continue Reading



I did something brave yesterday. Okay...I guess in my sanguine world it wasn't all that brave. I went to my first bloggers meet up and I had so much fun! Rather than make a solo hobby out of blogging I wanted to reach out and find a community of other bloggers. Part networking, part building Continue Reading