I did something brave yesterday. Okay...I guess in my sanguine world it wasn't all that brave. I went to my first bloggers meet up and I had so much fun! Rather than make a solo hobby out of blogging I wanted to reach out and find a community of other bloggers. Part networking, part building Continue Reading

House Tour: The Mother of All Renovations!


The real estate and design world is an ever-changing landscape which is why I love it so much. Every now and then I come across real estate that is too spectacular to believe. I am really excited to introduce to you...Fernwood. This incredible "Castle on a Hill" is nothing short of amazing. Fernwood Continue Reading

“The Glitter Plan”


By: Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor with Booth Moore I just finished the best business book I've ever read. And I've read A TON of them. And you won't believe who it is by and what it is about. And yes, I know you're not supposed to start a sentence with "and" but I like to write as if we Continue Reading